Webmaster for Mitraniketan Wanted


We are two Danish web-designers, who have been editing the Mitraniketan website since 2013. In all these years we have taken care of all activities concerning the web-site: payment of the web-hotel, editing of the website and updating the site, and we have changed the webdesign of the original homepage from 2013 considerably.

We have always co-operated closely with the founder of Mitraniketan, Sri Viswanathan, and in recent years with his successor, Dr. Reghu Ram Das. We have a very friendly and good relationship with Dr. Reghu Ram Das, but due to health problems we wish to hand over this task of editing the website to someone from the younger generation and therefore assistance is much needed.

If you are interested and if you want to take over the job as webmaster please apply to Rolf D. Erbst (rolf.erbst@gmail.com)

The job as webdesigner for mitraniketan.org means it is crucial to have good knowledge of Mitraniketan and more than basic knowledge of WordPress. Your application is highly appreciated and much needed!

Many kind regards
Rolf D. Erbst