Volunter Organisations

Cooperating with Mitraniketan

Mitraniketan – Stätte der Freunde e.V.

Or “Mitraniketan – Place of Friends” – is a German support group: container-baeckerei.de

  Se their history at Mitraniketan in pictures (German text)

Edinburgh Global Partnerships

Edinburgh Global Partnerships, EGP, is a student-run charity based at the University of Edinburgh: EGP

Mitraniketans Venner

Or “Mitraniketan’s Friends” – is a Danish support group: www.mitraniketans-venner.dk

Step Together Volunteering

helps those people most in need of support to transform their lives through community volunteering.
Working through a team of outreach workers we provide tailored one-to-one support to help individuals into volunteering placements that match their needs and interests, and help them develop the personal and practical skills required to build a more positive future: www.step-together.org.uk