Volunteers have their meals in Viswanathan and Sethu´s sitting room. Usually Sethu take meals together with the volunteers. The kitchen-staff are used to westerners and they take good care of them. To avoid stomach-trouble the water is boiled, and when you leave Viswanathan´s house after supper to go to the guesthouse you can tap water from a tank.

The food is spicy and prepared the Indian way. There will always be rice, well-prepared vegetables and a variety of sauces. Small Indian bananas, which are home-grown, will be available as starters.

It´s not a first class restaurant, but plain and wholesome food is served. Occasionally with chicken or fish (but never with beef – remember, you are in India). Usually there will also be a cup of tea. (In the photo you see two volunteers from England (to the left) and a Danish student (to the right) . It is not customary for volunteers to use palm leaves instead of plates at Mitraniketan and usually the volunteers use knives and forks. But this photo was taken on a special occasion.

As a volunteer you stay at the guesthouse. You will have your own room and a toilet. Some of the rooms share one toilet. There is a janitor, who will supply you with a mosquito-net if needed. But please don´t expect any luxury. Mitraniketan is not a 5-star hotel. The important thing for volunteers is the unique chance to meet India and the equally unique opportunity of meeting other volunteers who have come from all over the world to volunteer at Mitraniketan.

It is very much up to the volunteers how they wish to contribute. In the spring of 2011 Tim and Harry, two volunteers from the South of England, found out that most Indians have not learned to ride a bicycle, and they decided that they would try to teach the students the secret of riding a bike. They managed to get hold of an aged bicycle (which was not easy!) and got going.

If you want to volunteer, please contact Dr. Reghu Ram Das

Volunteer work opportunities in different sections

Interview with Reghu 2016
Which kind of volunteers do you need?
We need english teachers for kindergarten and primary school, sports teachers for People’s College & School, art teachers, people skillful in bakery work, pottery work, and organic farming are welcome.

What do you expect them to do, while they are at Mitraniketan?
Can teach, train, work with our teachers, and use the opportunity for them to learn.
We also look for people who help us in designing newsletters and write articles for fund raising.

What can you offer them?
We can offer them a low fee for their food and accommodation, that is 10 USD/day.

Adults or youngsters?

See list of opportunities (pdf)


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