Educational Tourism

Mitraniketan operates on a 60-acre campus in the rural area outside the village of Vellanad in the Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) district of Kerala, South India . The campus houses a variety of development activities oriented at education and human resource development, with residential school classes and unique buildings dotted around the green campus.

Units include children’s hostel, people’s college and students’ hostel, education research centre, agriculture and farming facilities, vocational training workshops, fruit processing unit, dairy section, health centre, tissue culture lab, farm science centre, rural technology centre, guest house, indoor and open stadiums and staff quarters. All of these centres support the activities of a 500-member community including 100 staff members.

Mitraniketan is structured like a ‘social laboratory’ for non-formal education. It attracts many different visitors, from VIP’s to university students, from retired citizens to social change agents.

Visitors gain exposure to a different style of education and to a rich culture. They learn how a rural community functions in its natural setting and experiencce realistic Indian life and local customs.

They were exhausted after work – but in good spirits…

This Educational Tourism facility is often utilized by teachers and students who undergo studies on third world countries, social work, development and education. Annual guests include: The Danish Folk High Schools-Denmark, Osterlens Folk High School-Sweden, Heisenberg Gymnasium-Germany, South India Tour Group from Denmark and Finland. Similarly, staff members of Antioch Company, Ohio-USA often take exposure trips to Mitraniketan.

Mitraniketan offers flexible packages for visitors coming in groups of 10-20: In addition to seeing and learning the various activities, guests can interact with community members and participate in lectures with discussion on education, development, and the culture and economy of the country. Guests are encouraged to visit local villages, join a short yoga course, and/or enjoy traditional dance performance. Possibility for Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy is another added opportunity – please let us know your needs and interests.

Educational packages currently vary from $10 to $20 per person/per day based on the size of group and its activities.

Please contact the Director for Mitraniketan, with your enquiries.
We invite you to come and share our experiments in community and “education for life” with us!