"The Home of Friends"

School for disadvantaged children (Primary & High School)

School for Disadvantaged Children

Nursery and Kindergarten
Called Sisu Bhavan, for 35-50 neighborhood children from 3 to 5 years old. They are provided with a midday meal and transportation at a reasonable cost, and their training program is based on the concept that “play is children’s work”.

Mitraniketan High School (VBHS):

One of the objectives of Mitraniketan is developing an alternative model of education for the empowerment of disadvantaged sections of the society. Keeping this in view Mitraniketan has established a school for disadvantaged children. The school is the core of Mitraniketan community where students can undergo both formal and non formal education along with opportunities for practical learning (skill training).


Our school is residential in nature which follows the State syllabus and Malayalam as medium of instruction. An average of 200 children undergoing education every year who are coming from different parts of the state.


Children belong to the age group of 5-15 years. They have two separate hostels for boys and girls. We are providing them education, board and lodging, health care and other services free of charges considering their lower social and economic background. Headmistress Sethu Viswanathan leads a staff of 20 teachers and 5 craft instructors. This school is recognized by the State government ensuring that students can join higher education. We practice an integrated education which makes the school different from ordinary schools. The funding of the school depends mostly on contributions from well wishers.