First two storied chicken cage sold 2016


December 2016 Mitraniketan sold the first two storied chicken cage. Thanks a lot to Adhin Dhanjay, for design engineering, Dr. Ramesh Kumar and Arun Raj for the support and Mr. Japamani and Vishnu for their hard work.

Although the concept started working in the small, with Eight Edinburgh volunteers spending 6 weeks from the 14th of July to the 20th of August 2015 at Mitraniketan to complete a Edinburgh University students (EGP) project done at Mitraniketan. They built 100 poultry cages supplied with 10 chicken each to 100 poor families of Vellanad, near Mitraniketan for livelihood development and Nutrition supplementation.

The Cages were built by Mitraniketan technical (RTC) staff and the Edinburgh students. In order to complete the project they donated £ 1,000 pounds for materials and chickens.