Products of Mitraniketan (Farm & Non Farm)

Products of Mitraniketan

Mitraniketan is producing a large number of rural based products connected with craft training, natural farming and women empowerment programmes. These products are developed by Mitraniketan Training cum production centres viz, pottery, coir, fruit processing farm, carpentry, weaving, metal fabrication, bakery etc. The products are developed based on the existing technologies, and technologies developed by Mitraniketan.

The rural products include:

  1. Pottery
  • Flower pots
  • Dump pots (Bio digester for compost)
  • Kooja
  • Other different handicraft items


  1. Fruit processing
  • Fruit drinks
  • Jam & squashes
  • Banana powder and baby food
  • Arrow root powder
  • Jack fruit based value added items
  • Fried chips
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Bread & cakes
  1. Coir (Coconut Fiber Unit)
  • Coir foot mats
  • Coir bags
  • Coir pith compost
  • Jute bags
  • Coir woven garden chairs


  1. Rural technology products (Machine & Tools)
  • Jack fruit cutter
  • Paddy winnower
  • Motorized winch for lifting Chinese fishing net
  • Mud block machine for producing bricks from clay
  • Coconut husk defibering machine
  • Poly bag filler
  • Small farm tools/implements.

Goat & poultry farm

``Hi tech Goat Cage developed by Mitraniketan Rural Technology Centre``.
Cost Rs.25000/-

Goat farming is a profitable entrepreneurship as it requires low investment and its multifunctional utility. Goats are small sized animals and easy to maintain and cared by women.


Often the farmers find scarcity of equality inputs especially the agro climatically suitable good quality kids which are of native breed and with proven results. Kerala has two native breeds viz. Malabari and Attappady black. Attappady black breed is found in Western ghats (Palakkad) and is mainly reared by tribal communities.



  • We are focusing on conservation and propagation of Attapady breed for local farmers. From the off springs produced we supply kids to the farmers in Vellanad Block.
  • Necessary veterinary services like mating facility, treatment etc.are offered to farmers.
  • Supply goat breeds like Malabari, Jamnapary, Sirohi to the farmers at reasonable cost.
  • The farm is also promoting poultry as part of livelihood development. BV380 birds are reared and supplied to local farmers including one day old chicks.
  • We are also training farmers in fish farming. This is mainly household level farms made of silpaulin sheet called paduthakulam. GIFT (Tilapia), Red belly, Assam vala are the profitable varieties promoted. (See Brochure)

Homestead Farming

Homestead farming is the tradition of Kerala. It was practiced for the production of subsistence crop for the farmer and his family. Mitraniketan is promoting the traditional homesteads in local panchayaths with a scientific blending of all aspects of modern scientific cultivation to make it eco friendly, economically sustainable and provide food and nutrition security.

Fruit processing (Value addition)

Processing of fruits and vegetable will not only supplement family income but also reduce post harvest loss. There are plant of fruits wasted during harvest/summer seasons including jack fruit, mango etc. The processing unit at Mitraniketan is a Training cum production centre. A large number of women are trained in processing and value addition in banana, jack fruit, coconut and other common and locally available fruits. The processing unit can be approached for training skill development/upgradation and technical support for establishing small enterprises.

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Jack fruit, the biggest organic fruit, is one among the highly neglected food resources of the country. It is a zero attention crop with high productivity. About 60 to 70 percent of Jack fruit grown are wasted every year. There is limited documentation on value added products, recipes and excellent jack varieties that are suitable for table purpose, vegetable, and processing.

Jack fruit provides various macro-micro nutrients needed for the human body. It is referred as the poor man’s food as well as “Nutrient of the giants” due to its nutrient composition. The main issues of its underutilization are:

  1. Wastage of available Jack fruit during season in villages due to lack of processing skills, storage facilities, and improper harvesting.
  2. Lack of awareness on the potentials of jack fruit for processing and value addition.
  3. Lack of need based research on this local resource to ensure food & nutrition security.
  4. Unavailability of appropriate and women friendly technologies for cutting, processing, storage, and value addition, especially in the villages.
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