The Mitraniketan community is self-sufficient with vegetables and fruit and has lately started to grow rice in some of their fields. They have also built some bio-gas plants.

But the big problem is the irregularity of rainfall. There is lots of rain in the rainy season, while the rest of the year is very dry. Therefore attempts are being made to store water to get maximum benefit of the Water in the dry season. In 2012 a project, called ECO-Campus, was initiated at Mitraniketan. The program ran till 2014 with the aim to invest time and money in the following fields:

  • To build bio-gas plants
  • To harvest rainwater and store it in tanks
  • To plant more fruit trees
  • To enlarge wells and ponds in order to store more water
  • To produce more fodder for the animals

The ECO-Campus project

“Can we learn something of the Project Eco-campus?”
– Report on the CISU supported project

The project “ECO-Campus” on Mitraniketan in South India was completed in 2015 and the new Eco Community Project (ECP-2) that is still functioning (jan. 2017) seems to produce results. ECO-Campus was supported by CISU (Civil Society in development).

ECO-Campus has been praised in the final evaluation, and has managed to create both great commitment and increased awareness as a demonstration plant.

The project has focused on sustainable water supply, better use of agricultural land and dissemination of biogas. The project has created immediate improvements in daily life on Mitraniketan, has entered in teaching a lot of students and have helped point to new opportunities for the local population.

CISU who has supported the project with around $70.000 USD, has just pledged support for a new project “Eco-Community”. The new project builds on the momentum created while the target group is expanded and there are new focus areas in energy and climate.

In March 2015, “Centre for Environment and Development,” Thiruvananthapuram, issued an external evalutation report on the Mitraniketan ECO-Campus Project. This repport can be downloaded here

See the most recent Report: ECP report with photo April two Sept. 2016.pdf

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