Mitraniketan Viswanathan Memorial Scholarship


Scholarships to a value of Rs. 100,000 to young professionals who are post graduate in Education and Social Work. Application deadline is 15 th of June 2018.

K. Viswanathan established Mitraniketan in 1956 after his studies in Santiniketan. He built up Mitraniketan as a Community based education Centre for empowering the disadvantaged sections of our society. He tried to develop an alternative model of education and development in Mitraniketan over a period of 60 years with various experiments. Today the organization evolved in the form of a social laboratory for students, researchers, volunteers and other beneficiaries of the organization.

Education of the tribal children through a Residential school, empowerment of youth through community college, promotion of technology based employment in farm & non farm sector, sustainable agriculture, promotion of cooperatives, women empowerment programs, micro credit activities are some of his pioneering activities and experiments over the last 60 years. Studies/research on the impact of these activities will be learning for further improvement and dissemination.

K. Viswanathan passed away on 28th April 2014 after 60 years of service to the community. He always motivated and promoted youth in taking up functional education, community development activities, and research. In memory of K. Viswanathan, the General Council of Mitraniketan decided to introduce Scholarships to young professionals who are post graduate in Education and Social Work. Each Scholarship will have a value of Rs. 100,000/-.

The selected professionals can work and research in the education and development activities of Mitraniketan institutionalized by Viswanathan. Post graduates in Education (M.Ed) and Social Work (MSW) can apply for the scholarship with detailed Bio-data, short synopsis of the proposed research activity along with recommendation from respective institute studied. Age should be below 30 years. Last date for submitting application is 15 June 2018. Interview will be conducted in July and the selected persons can join the organization by 1 August 2018.

Apply to: The Director, Mitraniketan, Mitraniketan post, Vellanad, Thiruvananthapuram-695 543 on or before 15 June 2018. E mail: Ph: 0472 2882045/ Mobile: 9446701529.

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