Low cost portable goat cage 2016


A new model low cost portable goat cage has been developed.  The cage with an area of 30 square feet, can accommodate three adult she goats and is strong enough to support the weight of animals.  This portable structure is mounted on 4 galvanized iron square pipes at 2.5 feet above ground level.  The roof is made of GI sheets and the four sides are protected by zinc coated mesh of 8 mm thickness.  Since the floor is made of rubber matting with a gap to facilitate the falling down of excreta, which is collected in a polythene sheet underneath.

A feeding tray with 5 feet length and 45 cm depth is provided in the cage. Two water bowls having 5 L capacity are provided in either sides of the feeding tray. The average weight of the goat shed is 80-90 kg and the cost of construction is Rs. 15000. The lower foundation part on which the cage is kept cost Rs.5000.  The highlight is low investment with durability of minimum 10 years.

Edinburgh Global Partnership (EGP) of the Edinburgh University (UK) approved a small project to support 25 poor families with 25 units of goat cage with goats to promote livelihood and technology dissemination as model. This will be done in 2017 July-August by University student volunteers and Mitraniketan together. Read more on the EGP Home Page (somewhat down the page).