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INTERNSHIP (For University students)


Students and researchers from Indian and foreign Universities are welcome to do Internship in Mitraniketan.  Social work, Agriculture, rural technology, teaching practice, food processing, livelihood development, micro credit and marketing are some of the common areas in which INTERNSHIP is possible.

One can take a separate project / study in the above areas OR join the existing activities for INTERNSHIP for a period from one month to three months.

Currently the following institutions use our facilities for Internship:

  1. SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
  2. The ESSEC Business School, Paris, France
  3. Linnaeus University, Sweden
  4. HAS University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
  5. Global College, Stockholm, Sweden

There will be guides for the Interns at Mitraniketan.

Interested Interns can contact Mitraniketan through their respective University/College.