"The Home of Friends"

The Mitraniketan fund


By supporting the Mitraniketan fund, you will join us continue to serve the next generation of disadvantaged children, and expand our capacity to support rural livelihoods and community development. In particular, donations help sustain Mitraniketan’s scholarship fund. Students are not charged and are exempted from payment entirely. You can consider sponsoring a child; a full year’s expenses for a student, including tuition, educational materials, room and board, clothing, and other expenses, is only $250.


Support Mitraniketan: every.org/mitraniketan.india

Amazon wishlist to support Mitraniketan


Want to support our kids and team here at Mitraniketan from the comfort of your chair? We know that it can be hard to ship items, so we have created a new Amazon wish list that works from any country you may be in!


Most items are between 5-10 USD/EUR. The list includes items from the very small to larger items that support dreams we have (such as a microscope for our science classes). All of them will make an enormous difference to us, and free up operational funds to support our children and ensure we have a sustainable future. If you select the Mitraniketan gift registry address option for delivery, the item(s) will be shipped directly to us, thereby saving you a trip to the post office!


Note if you are ordering from outside India: After you click on the link below, please change where it is delivered to first, else the list will not display correctly. Look for the words, “Delivery to,” which is usually near the top of the list. It will give you the option to enter a pincode (zip code) – please enter: 695543. This is the pincode for Vellanad, and you will know that it has worked because the list will start to show the items in rupees rather than in your home currency.


Please click here to view our Amazon wish list: