Certificate in Motor Cycle Service & Repair


The Certificate in Motor Cycle Service & Repair (CMSR) is a certificate program offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

Mitraniketan People’s College is a training centre of IGNOU and is conducting this program for rural mechanics and youth having ten years of schooling and who are interested in automobile.

It is a two-month program which includes practical and theoretical sessions on all Sundays for the duration of the course. In addition there will be a 5-day job training course which will be provided at local motorcycle workshops before trade tests will be conducted.

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) co-operates with the Hero MotoCorp Ltd.(HMCL). The Hero MotoCorp Ltd. (HMCL) is the world’s no. 1 motorcycle manufacturing company which offers training for existing motorcycle technicians and educated raw learners of the country. Till now, over 10,500 learners have already been trained and certified under this programme through its existing 43 training centres. Read more here…

This programme will include the Use of ICT, Resource Sharing, Education-Work Linkage, Competency based Training, and Fulfilment of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).)

The course at Mitraniketan is offered 3 times a year and you can apply throughout the year.
: Mitraniketan People’s College (MPC): 9387882769 or Dr Reghu Rama Das; phone 9446701529