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Accommodation at Mitraniketan

Accommodation at Mitraniketan

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A Guest House is located at Mitraniketan campus which accommodates all volunteers and visitors. It is built in  a low cost model with minimum facilities and suits to the rural nature. It can accommodates 40-50 people at a time with its single/double rooms and dormitories. It has two floors and a cellar which is used for dining for the visitors in groups.

Mitraniketan is not a 5-star hotel. But the staff take good care of you, and they take precautions like boiling the water to avoid stomache-trouble and things like that.

There is a tea-house on the premises, where you can get a very nice cup of tea and an Indian snack.

The cost of living in India is very low, and the Rupee is still inexpensive compared to the US Dollar.


How to get there
If you want to visit Mitraniketan you just buy an air ticket to the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram). From Trivandrum you can take a taxi to Mitraniketan. Or you can fetch a bus. Go to the bus station and ask for the bus to Vellenad, which is the neighbouring village to Mitraniketan. You will find that the personnel at the bus terminal are generally very helpful – like most people you will meet in Kerala. See a local map including Trivandrum and Mitraniketan. Use the Zoom+ button for a close up.