"The Home of Friends"

Viswanathan passed away 2014

The founder of Mitraniketan, Sri Viswanathan, was born in 1928 and was educated at Viswabharati University in Kolkata (former Calcutta).

He studied in the USA and Scandinavia and on his return to India he founded Mitraniketan, “The Home of Friends” (1956).

Viswanathan was inspired by Tagore and Gandhi, but also by westerners like Pestalozzi and Grundtvig (the founder of the Danish “Folk High School”).

Viswanathan passed away on the 28th of April 2014. – To the last still active as the leader of the Mitraniketan project. Read More

His successor as principal of the People’s College is Dr. Reghu Ram Das.

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