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    is a non-profit school


        in Kerala, India  

October – November 2016: 

Mitraniketan is initiating a new “Certificate in Motor Cycle Service & Repair” 

(CMSR) in collaboration with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Hero Motocorps Ltd., CMSR.

Course is conducted at Mitraniketan People’s College (IGNOU Training Centre), Vellanad, Trivandrum. Contact: Mitraniketan People’s College (MPC): 9387882769

Or Dr Reghu Rama Das; phone 9446701529


Qualification: SSLC or experience in automobile mechanism

Application can be bought from MPC office at Vellanad or from its city office at West Fort (no 9387882775)


Training sessions: 6 Sundays or 6 days together (Theory part);
      6 days practical at Hero workshops;

      1 day Counseling session

Trade Test: One Sunday in November (may be last Sunday)


Please apply as soon as possible, preferably before 14 October 2016

June 2016: 


You are invited to apply for a variety of jobs at Mitraniketan   Application

July – August 2015: 


Edinburgh University students build 100 poultry cages  to 100 poor families of Vellanad at Mitraniketan.


Geriatric Care

Diploma Program in Geriatric Care 

In collaboration with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mitraniketan launches a Diploma Program in Geriatric Care.


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The founder of Mitraniketan, Sri Viswanathan 

Viswanathan (picture) was born in 1928 and was educated at Viswabharati University in Kolkata (former Calcutta).


He studied in the USA and Scandinavia and on his return to India he founded Mitraniketan, “The Home of Friends” (1956).


Viswanathan was inspired by Tagore and Gandhi, but also by westerners like Pestalozzi and Grundtvig (the founder of the Danish “folk high school”).

Viswanathan passed away on Monday, 28 April 2014. To the last still active as the leader of the Mitraniketan project…
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Schoolchild at Mitraniketan
The schoolchildren at Mitraniketan come from the northern areas of Kerala

The schoolchildren at Mitraniketan come from the northern areas of Kerala. Mitraniketan is a boarding school and the children live on the school and get their meals there.


All this is free of charge as their parents are very poor.

The Schoolchildren 

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Viswanathan with the Dalai Lama. To the left of the Dalai Lama is Viswanathan´s wife Sethu. The three young women are the daughters of the family.

The Mitraniketan project, “The Home of Friends”.

 In Sanskrit the word ‘Mitra’ means Friends,

 ‘Niketan’ means Home.

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